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Riding Camp
We offer weekly riding camps for all children over the age of 11 (a separate camp is held for young riders over the age of 14) which cater for and are organised according to all levels of ability and experience.
We work in a safe and pleasant environment towards improving your riding skills and towards your understanding of Icelandic horses.
We offer instruction in schooling, trekking, theory and riding games.
Every rider will be paired with a suitable horse. You may, of course, bring your own horse.
We have a senior “A- grade” instructor and several other experienced instructors.
Accommodation is available in our holiday apartment complex which consists of five bedrooms, all with four beds, four bathrooms with showers, a well equipped kitchen and sitting room.
Each riding camp lasts five days, Monday to Friday and costs Kr 3,900 including room and full board.
Siblings receive a Kr 500 rebate.
We ask for a deposit of Kr 1,000 at time of booking. Please note that a doctor’s letter must be presented to obtain a refund.
Riding Camp 2011
Here is an outline of our week’s activities.
Arrival: Monday 13.00 ( Ferry from Lauvvik 12.45)
Departure: Friday 13.00 (Ferry from Oanes 14.00)
You will find us by taking the R13 from Sandnes to Lauvvik, the ferry to Oanes, the R 13 to the Lysefjord bridge, turn right over the Lysefjord suspension bridge and then follow signs to Fossanmoen. Please see the map provided for details.
A typical weekly programme consists of:
Monday: Getting to know the farm, horses, staff and other animals.
1 period of riding.
Tuesday: Theory. Two periods of riding (a choice of activities). Time on the climbing wall.
Wednesday: Mountain trek, tack care, a film and swimming.
Thursday: Theory. One riding period ( choice of activities), competition, prize giving and relaxation.
Friday: Riding tour and final goodbyes.
Every rider will be free to choose how to use their riding periods. There will be a choice between riding lessons, free riding on our tracks under supervision, entering into our competition or simply to take a riding tour with one of our instructors.
 Everyone will be responsible for their horse, its tack and its stall.
You may bring your own horse, any breed is acceptable, but you must have a vet’s certificate of clean health (less than 8 days old) and an up to date vaccination certificate.
We hope all our guests have a safe and pleasant camp, with or without their horse.